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Decentralize Health-Care A Solution Designed For The Broken Health-Care System!

We offer the opportunity for you to provide your clients with healthcare sharing a decentralized solution to the rising cost of healthcare.

Join our team of Insurance agents and be part of our Nationwide expansion.


With healthcare sharing you will find a lot of the same things you expect from typical healthcare coverage, and so much more! Members are saving thousands when they switch to healthcare sharing. see any doctor with no network, enroll any time of year. 50% to 70% less expensive plans start as low as $65 for individuals and $330 for families. We designed four pricing options for individuals and families,as well as special pricing for seniors.


Health sharing economy a $335B by 2025.

1. Weekly commission payment

2. Up to 20% Monthly residual.

3. Get overrides on other agents.

4. No chargebacks!

What we need are highly motivated and dedicated professionals to work high and embrace our company. We place high importance in punctuality, reliability and we are looking for people who are coachable, open-minded, and take this opportunity seriously.

Overall we are a fun group, with a highly motivated and serious team. What we offer insurance agents can very well be a career or simply a way to make some extra income.

If you feel that you possess the qualities that we are looking for and would like to see if you are a fit for our campany, please call us or book an appointment on this website.

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